Digital Visiting Card - Showcase your business in most affordable way.

Digital Visiting Card or Digital Business Card is your Digital Identity which is a new way to represent yourself. Forget the old fashioned printed visiting cards which contain very limited information. Adopt Just E-Card… It contains all your information in actionable and sharable mode, which you can update anytime through your personalized account at our website or on android app which is available on google playstore. This visually stunning, smart, elegant & affordable digitally advanced E-Card can be used as a Digital Marketing Tool to share your personal & business profile on any social media platform to any number of people for Lead Generation. We are 100% sure; this E-Card will not only Leave Very Good Impression on Your Clients but will also play an important role to Boost Your Business. Digital Business Card is Most Affordable Digital Marketing Tool to showcase your business. It's like Your Website at the very cost effective price of Rs.999/- only for 5 Year subscription i.e. 55 Paise per Day . However one can also subscribe for one year at Rs. 499/- .

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Why Do You Need An E-Card?

An E-Card eliminates the need for paper business cards. We understand that a change in attitude is required when converting from a paper business card to a digital business card, but the world has gone mobile. Individuals have their phone with them everywhere they go.

Share Your E-Card Via Whatsapp or Messaging.

One of the best ways to share your E-Card is by Whatsapp or text message. We are sure that this is going to be the trend of the future. It makes perfect sense... if you want your business to attract attention... Be in peoples phones!


Update Anytime.. Its’ Free

You can make your very own changes or updates at any time - FOR FREE! Your E-Card has free unlimited updates. The benefits of using an E-Card are almost limitless! And best of all they're affordable! One can never Run out of their personal Business card & don’t even need to make the extra effort of remembering to carry them. Just carry your Smartphone.


Just E Card- Endless possibilities

Express yourself in ways never before possible with just e-card. You can showcase your products & Services by uploading rich content such as photos, videos and custom links. This E-Card may play an important role in marking your digital presence in the direction of being ‘Vocal for Local’.


What people are saying

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I want to thank justecard for providing me my digital identity. Remaining in retail & wholesale business in Automobile Industry, I had to share my paper visiting card to many customers on daily basis. Even after sharing paper Visiting Card, I had to share my google location, bank details, payment details, GST No. product broachers etc. separately on their mobiles. But Thanks to JustECard, they provided me this contactless & eco friendly digital visiting card which contains all my business information sharable on one click.

Rajeev Sharma
Sharma Auto Parts, Indore
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I deal in hearing aid products & services. I am using JustECard as a digital marketing tool for my business for almost all the social media platforms which has resulted me in generating leads of my potential clients. The main feature, I am enjoying very much is that now I can update all my broachers, images, videos and other information related to my products & services through JustECard in minutes. Thanks JustECard.

Rajesh Gupta
Indore Healthcare Solutions, Indore
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